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D&G- Wool Stripe & Knit Pants, W-34

D&G- Wool Stripe & Knit Pants, W-34

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Year: 2020s

Label:  D & G / Dolce & Gabbana

Color:  Gray

Fabric:  Wool & Cotton

Lining: Unlined

Marked Size: 36/50

Measurements: 34" x 34"

Description: Indecisive between joggers and suit pants? Fear not, for these early 2000s pants combine the best of both worlds! Featuring a drawstring knit jogger top, grey pinstripe wool trousers, and grey knit side seams, these pants are the ultimate blend of comfort and style. With a front hook and zipper closure, as well as inset and button-closing back pockets, these pants have it all!

Condition: Gently Worn with no obvious damage

Item: #0310

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